Imagine Schools at South Lake
Clermont, Florida

Service Learning without Borders
Students have many opportunities for moral action at Imagine South Lake Charter. All classrooms participate in at least one service project, locally, nationally or internationally. These projects are tied into the character traits of caring and responsibility and are intended to foster the communities in need, regardless of geographic location. The lack of geographic borders brings service learning to an entirely new level. Children learn about how others live and how it might be different from their own living situation. For example, to benefit the people in Haiti after the earthquake, the middle school boys’ basketball team kicked off another food drive. Each player asked a classroom to sponsor him. As part of the service learning project, he gave a presentation to the sponsoring class, discussing the current needs of the Haitians and providing a decorated food box. The athletes gathered the food and sent it to Harvest Time International and the Red Cross. By caring and taking responsibility, students realize that they can make a difference, not only in the lives of those they see, but also in the lives of those they do not see.

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