Jefferson County Public Schools
Louisville, Kentucky

"CARE"ing for Critters
Early childhood students address the needs of homeless animals in their community by collecting items to donate to the Kentucky Humane Society. The students are introduced to the idea of helping homeless animals through a read-aloud (Buddy Unchained or Before You Were Mine), and students are engaged in conversations about what the students could do to help homeless animals in the community. As part of a district-wide initiative, CARE for Kids, students learn how to work for the welfare of others and why it feels good to do so. The underlying question is "How can I help others in need?" Even at a very young age, students begin to realize that they can make a difference in the lives of others. Students decorate boxes for the collection of the items (towel, blankets, small rugs, food),and then prepare the items for delivery to the shelter. As a follow-up, Humane Society representatives, staff and animals, visit each classroom to explain how their contributions benefit the animals and make a diffference in the lives of the animals.

Main Contact
Ms. Glenna Hess
Specialist, Student Development