Joseph H. Brensinger Public School # 17
Jersey City, New Jersey

Project B.R.A.V.E. (Bullying Reduction and Anti-Violence Education)
The 5th grade students of Joseph H. Brensinger Public School #17 in Jersey City, NJ participated in a 5-week anti-bullying program. Topics included: types of bullying, responding individually, bystander awareness, kindness counts, and role-play day. After increasing students’ knowledge of various types of bullying through instruction, the school counselor, in conjunction with classroom teachers, modeled several techniques to use individually or as a group in order to deter negative behaviors. Students learned the importance of making a difference by not “just standing by” and were encouraged to take initiative for creating a positive classroom environment. They demonstrated understanding of the material by creating and performing original skits which included techniques learned throughout the program. Finally, students contributed art work and written responses regarding the program which were made into a quilt and displayed on a prominent bulletin board in school.

Main Contact
Ms. Erin McNally
Guidance Counseling Intern