Lalor Elementary School
Hamilton, New Jersey

EarlyAct Club
The EarlyAct Club is a service club for 5th grade students at Lalor Elementary. The Club allows 5th grade students to take a leadership role and participate in service learning projects. Also, EarlyAct makes young students aware and knowledgeable of their community and world. It encourages caring and respect for others. It engages students in character-building activities and prepares them for leadership roles to identify and carry out projects which benefit their school, local and global communities. The students are fully involved with the planning of the service learning projects. There are five staff members and about 20 student members of EarlyAct. The students have to write an essay as to why they want to be part of this service club and how they show good character and responsibility in school. EarlyAct meets at least twice a month, but more often when there is a specific service project going on.

Main Contact
Ms. Donna Sarver
Guidance Counselor