Lawrenceville Elementary School
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Leaping Into Service Learning With Literature
Lawrenceville Elementary School “leaps” into each service learning mission by introducing it to young learners through children’s literature relating to the theme of the project. Eldest students rehearse and then read the book in teams of three or four to the lower grades. The literature presented has real-world themes such as loneliness in a nursing home, missing a parent in the military, or hunger in our community. Through the book’s story and illustrations, children are able to acquire a better understanding of the needs of these complex problems. Younger children are also able to develop positive relationships with their older schoolmates as they observe the modeled responsible behavior and advanced reading skills. As students move forward with the project, there is an increased understanding of the problem and empathy. Even the PreK and Kindergarten children eagerly lend a hand to the school-wide solutions to very complex problems.

Main Contact
Ms. Kathy Jensen
School Counselor