New Cumberland Middle School
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

Unbridled Random Acts of Kindness
At New Cumberland Middle School, the unbridled random acts of kindness practice is a crucial component of the comprehensive school-wide self discipline program called C.A.T.S. C.A.T.S. stands for: 1. Committment to self, school, and community 2. Academic Achievement 3. Teamwork 4. Social Responsibility. It is the school's vision that work completed in these four areas will help students develop the core qualities and social prowess needed to be productive, caring citizens, and positive role models. Each CATS group has two adult mentors. Each group participates in bi-weekly character exploration and community service-based lessons and projects in and out of the classroom. These experiences focus on teaching students the significance of good character, and how it affects the community at large. Within these groups, student have the opportuntiy to engage in service learning projects and have the chance to display acts of kindeness towards others along with their contributions in the community.

Main Contact
Mr. Matthew Szejk
Assistant Principal