Northwest High School
Cedar Hill, Missouri

Team One's Cause
At Northwest High School, after a student on one of the 9th grade teams struggled with treatment for cancer during her 9th grade year, the team began a relationship with the local charity Friends of Kids with Cancer. The nine-graders of the team learn about the charity work in the community, and become involved in raising funds and items for the charity throuhout their high school career. Each year this 9th grade team, "Team One," has worked to organize "Hats On" days to coincide with spirit weeks or other special events at school, and managed toy/item drives for their "cause". They sell stickers for the special "Hats On Days" in the building, solicit and organize toys and items that are donated for the organization, and maintain communication with building staff and staff from the organization to ensure the funds and items are picked up or delivered.More than eight years have gone by since the inception, and many students have been introduced to the "cause", learning of the needs of others, and experiencing the work by giving of their time, energy or money to have a positive impact in their community.

Main Contact
Ms. Ellen Conley
Teacher (english)