Oak Brook Elementary School
Ballwin, Missouri

Hearts for Haiti
Each year, around Valentine's Day, the Oak Brook Elementary's student council sponsors a fundraiser to support a charity. This year, as the council was planning the fundraiser, the earthquake hit Haiti with massive devastation. Four of the teachers were discussing the disaster, and the idea of Hearts for Haiti was brainstormed and planned in a matter of minutes. All 482 students enthusiastically embraced this project, rolled up their sleeves, and went to work creating these beautiful heart pins. Throughout the process, students felt a strong sense of ownership and pride in their work. Their empathy and compassion for children in need was evident in each student-created heart! After making the pins, student council representatives sold the pins to students and community members. The response was overwhelming. At $2.00 each, the students were able to raise $1,065. Because of the Hearts for Haiti project, students were made aware that they could make a difference in the lives of people many miles away, one heart at a time.

Main Contact
Mr. Kevin Helton
Assistant Principal