Oakville High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Pinning Down Breast Cancer
On January 6th, Oakville and Lindbergh wrestling programs competed in the second annual "Pinning Down Breast Cancer" wrestling meet. Both schools have a personal connection behind the creation of the event. Oakville and Lindbergh each had wrestlers who lost their mothers to breast cancer. Booster clubs, coaches, and athletic directors from both schools prepared extensively to make sure that the event went as planned. The schools sold t-shirts, gave away several items, and accepted donations to raise money for cancer research. In total, the event raised more than $1,600 to benefit breast cancer awareness and cancer research. Both wrestling coaches are plan to continue the "Pinning Down Breast Cancer" meet to benefit cancer research each year as a dual meet. This event provided an opportunity for students to participate in a sport they enjoy and contribute to a problem facing every community, with no regard for race, marital status, or income level.

Main Contact
Mr. Jim Kern
Assistant Principal