Pierce Elementary School
Birmingham, Michigan

Pierce Ecology Club
Pierce Elementary School's ecology club meets at lunch one day a week to work on environmental issues at school. The children in this group decided to raise money to adopt a cougar which is an endangered animal indigenous to Michigan. The club decided to do a “bring a stuffed animal to school” day, and donate the money to the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. Students went on the internet to research the cougar and get pictures to display on posters they created. The money collected will help protect the cougars' habitat to ensure that the species exists for future generations. In keeping with the goal of infusing the core democratic values that America as a nation believes in, the students at Pierce focus on “common good” in the Pierce Ecology Club. Through this club, students learn first-hand about threats to the environment and take action to protect endangered species. By doing so, they learn that they can make a difference in our world.