Portage Central Middle School
Portage, Michigan

The C.I.A. (Citizens in Action)
The C.I.A. program provides opportunities for students at all grade levels to participate in all of the communities to which they belong (school, local, global). They may choose between a variety of services researched and selected by the teacher advisor; additionally, students themselves may propose projects for the group. This is not a club, but rather an ongoing, revolving set of citizenship activities. Everyone is eligible; there are no qualifications, nor any requirements for frequency of participation. Parents are invited to participate as well. The goals and objectives of the program include: 1. Providing students with an opportunitity to learn about core ethical values such as caring, responsibility and respect and to model those values for others.(principle #1) 2. Assisting students in developing a strong service work ethic through contributing to a civil, caring and just society. (principle #4) 3. Helping students learn about obligations to serve for the common good (principle #1) 4. Helping students learn to develop empathy skills, pro-social behaviors, and form caring relationships in school and community(principle #2).

Main Contact
Mr. Kris Winkle
Assistant Principal