Reynolds Middle School
Hamilton, New Jersey

Reynolds Middle School's Bully Free Pledge
The problem of traditional bullying and cyberbullying is very real in all schools. Reynolds Middle School's community united to encourage a bully free school. To accomplish this goal, the school took a series of steps to educate all stakeholders. First, it was essential that the community understood what bullying is, how it impacts the school, and what strategies could be used to create a bully free environment. A series of workshops and assembly programs were presented to students, parents and teachers to educate them about the impact of bullying. During this training period, teachers attended workshops, parents participated in after school sessions and students attended assembly programs. At the end of these workshops all stakeholders signed a pledge to stop bullying. Parents, teachers and students signed their own custom-made pledge. The pledge and all the signatures are proudly displayed in the main hallway for all to see. Along with the pillars of character, the pledge is a constant reminder of the vision of a bully free school.

Main Contact
Mr. Joseph Slavin