Rougher Alternative Academy
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Character Club's Serve to Learn Project
Rougher Alternative Academy has partnered with an elementary school and a local nursing home for students to volunteer one afternoon each week by doing whatever is needed and expecting nothing in return. Students read to children, listen to children read, work one on one with individual children using flash cards, help out in the library, help with art projects, and even make copies and help teachers prepare for the next day's class. In the nursing home students have helped residents decorate for the holidays, performed manicures for the ladies, helped with art projects, and just sat and chatted with and listened to the residents.The rationale is that this project will promote relationship development, empathy, and moral development. The objective is for the students to be introduced to a population and placed in an unfamiliar role where they are needed to make a difference in the lives of others. The school wants them to understand that regardless of their backgrounds they have something of value to offer the community.

Main Contact
Ms. Shirley Morgan-Glenn