Saint Joseph School
Columbia, South Carolina

The Green Team: We Can Have a Direct Impact on the Earth
Saint Joseph School's goal is to become a Green School and to help everyone become more aware of their waste by recycling, reusing and reducing most of the waste. We have been recycling paper and plastics for more than ten years. Students help collect these items weekly. The school's recycling has expanded to include cardboard boxes, cans, and paper bags, and again, the students help gather and sort once a week. Items reused in art classes include tires, paper towel rolls, all bottle tops and milk jug tops, and cardboard. Sciences classes do experiments in saved plastic dishes, and plants are rooted in yogurt containers (these are not recyclable). DHEC and Keep the Midlands Beautiful have presented assemblies and puppet shows to encourage and educate the children in the reasons for recycling. To reduce waste, the school encourages children to have a “no waste lunch” (no wrappers, reusable and recyclable containers, etc…). And a compost program has been initiated for lunch waste. Students develop responsibility through their work in this program and a respect for the Earth.

Main Contact
Ms. Lisa Leonard
School Counselor