Saylesville School
Rubicon, Wisconsin

Service with Pride
Saylesville School’s "Service with Pride" program allows students to learn by applying positive values such as compassion, responsibility, and cooperation through community service. Students participate by working with multi-grade groups, prides. Each "pride" consists of one teacher, one support staff member, two to three parents, a community volunteer from a local business (in some prides), and an average of 18 students from multiple grades (K-8). The prides chose service projects in September and created action plans. They met every third Wednesday for one hour from October through February to execute their plans. Some prides met for additional time after school or during lunch hour. To reflect and share experiences, prides took turns presenting their service projects in March, April, and May to the other prides, parents, and community members. In June, prides met to reflect on what the school did as a whole with each pride adding its own project. The impact of prides' service was evident in a letter received from a recipient of a recovering soldier card, “Today I needed some good news and a special smile. You gave that to me.”

Main Contact
Ms. Jennifer Guenther
Second Grade Teacher and Character Education Leader