Seckman Elementary School
Imperial, Missouri

Fostering Character through the Food Pantry
Judith Kelman once said, “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.” It is with this philosophy that the students at Seckman Elementary began their service learning project with the Arnold, MO food pantry. Face-to-face contacts with families in the community help students learn about the importance of giving back and volunteer work. One day a week, six sixth-grade students and a staff member go to the local food pantry to assist in many different ways. By the end of the school year every student in a class of 110 will have had the opportunity to work at the pantry, learn about the needs of the community, and experience the satisfaction of giving to others in need. Along with actually working at the pantry, these students assist by collecting necessary items used at the pantry, help advertise fund raising events for the pantry, and learn about how the economy affects the families within the community. Students write reflections on their experiences, and see the good impacts that their actions bring to the community.

Main Contact
Ms. Nancy Hodge