Seckman High School
Imperial, Missouri

All Aboard
Students and staff at Seckman High School assessed the needs of their local community and noticed a recurring pattern of families that were struggling to get by in current economic conditions. Teachers attended a summit that encouraged the concept of service learning where they could use current curriculum to engage their students in using their knowledge learned in class to make differences in the community. SHS student representatives came to a summit that provided facts on current economic conditions and began to brainstorm how to help local families. The concept of “Stuffing a Bus” was born, and students began to take on the task of loading a bus with all the things they could gather to make an impact on the community in need. By the end of February, class projects flourished and students loaded a bus two times, and 10 other vehicles made drop-offs at seven organizations and local homes. The character building that took place in this year-long project will be a lifetime of lessons learned, and the experience will impact the students for years to come.

Main Contact
Ms. Becky Jarvis
Business Teacher