Secundaria Bilingüe Carlos Darwin
Irapuato, Guanajuato

Cadena de Amor
At Secundaria Bilingüe Carlos Darwin, the Cadena de Amor practice aims to promote social integration for children that depend on social service institutions. It also provides 7th -9th grade students with the opportunity to develop a sense and knowledge of the community's needs. The school attempts to benefit institutions or rural schools by inviting them to participate. The institutions send a list of children (about 150) and the school assigns one child to each 7th-9th grade student. Seventh-grade students bring a gift and candies for the children, eighth grade students bring personal hygiene articles and “piñatas,” and ninth grade students provide breakfast. On the designated day, the children from the institutions come to the school and spend time with the older students in three different moments. They play together with the gifts, fly balloons, have breakfast together, write a letter etc. After a couple of hours, children go back to their institutions with smiles on their faces.

Main Contact
Sr. Hernán Leonardo Magallón Paulino
Coordinador de Formación Ciudadana (Coordinator of Citizenship Formation)