Stanton Elementary School
Fenton, Missouri

Bus Drivers Rock Campaign
After determining that 42% of students ranked “on the bus” as the #1 place for bullying, student leaders planned and implemented a “Bus Drivers Rock” campaign. Pictures of bus drivers were taken and put into a SmartBoard presentation for each classroom. Students were challenged by these leaders to use their bus driver’s name and say ‘Hi, _____’ every morning. Students read Chrysanthemum, a book emphasizing the importance of calling people by their name, to primary students. Leaders interviewed bus drivers for Monday’s “Good Morning, Stanton” news cast, made yard signs of appreciation that were displayed in the bus lanes, and greeted drivers with a Quick Trip coffee. Students have duplicated the practice for custodians, cooks, and secretaries as well. Acrostic poems about each employee are being developed after the interviews and displayed for all to see. The music teacher teaches them the words to the Cheers song, where “Everybody knows your name” and we ALL sing it at a quarterly Team Rally.

Main Contact
Ms. Cathy Westbury
Elementary Counselor