Starside Elementary School
De Soto, Kansas

Character Education Goes Green
At Starside Elementary School, the Green initiative has come from our 12-year character education program. Teaching students to do the right thing spills over into all areas of life. In Starside’s environmental awareness program, all students are driven with ideas, activities and enthusiasm coming from the students themselves. The school has gotten a lot of feedback from the school families and community. Some of the students are referred to as “Miss Green” and “the Green Police” in their families. When last year’s 5th graders went to middle school, the school added an environmental class at their persistence. The community has participated in many of the school's activities and are taking great pride in what Starside has done, such as installing solar panels and a wind turbine, recycling more than 38,000 pounds in a year, creating an aluminum foil ball that the kids named Bob and has become the school's mascot, installing a solar panel to aerate the school pond, planting a produce garden and donating the produce to charity, using cafeteria waste to feed worms that are producing fertilizer for the garden, and becoming a Kansas Green School of the Year.

Main Contact
Ms. Paula Henderson
School Counselor