Wolcott Street School
Le Roy, New York

Wolcott Street School Welcome Committee
The Character Education Committee shows good character by extending the hand of friendship. Two fifth-grade students, representing the fifth grade class, are chosen for this fun and caring responsibility and privilege. These chosen students will be the tour guides to the new students of Wolcott Street School. New students are introduced to several trusted adults in the building and given a small memento at each stop. Consequently, the 5th grade tour guides are trained in how to respectfully introduce themselves as well as the new student, and gain problem solving skills which will increase their self-esteem. The educators try to help students build a healthy self esteem, so that they develop a positive attitude towards life. The committee aims that students will be able to reflect the way they think, act and even how they relate to other people, which will affect their potential to be successful. Ultimately, the WSS Welcome Committee provides a friendly welcome to new students as well as building self esteem in existing students.

Main Contact
Mr. Casey Kosiorek
Elementary School Principal