Worthington Elementary School
Chillicothe, Ohio

Pink Shoe Club
At Worthington Elementary School, the Pink Shoe Club is an after-school program designed to empower girls to successfully deal with the challenges of relational aggression. Girls in 4th and 5th grades come together in small groups twice a month to participate in character-building activities, specifically targeting "girl fights and drama". Girls participate in activities that help build positive self-esteem, develop healthy relationships with others, build social skills, participate in community service and learn to approach their teen years with understanding and acceptance. 4th grade students are awarded Pink Shoe Certificates by Worthington staff members when they demonstrate behaviors or improvements that uphold the goals of the club. Once students have accumulated three awards, they are presented with their own pair of pink shoes. In 5th grade, girls continue to develop a deeper understanding of the skills they started to practice in 4th grade. The goal is for the girls to acquire the life-long skills they need as they transition out of their elementary school years.

Main Contact
Ms. Eleanor Nickras