Alma Schrader Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

ABC 123 Anti-Bullying Club Is For Me!
Alma Schrader ABC 123 Anti-Bullying Club Is For Me! developed as a student-initiated practice by five second-grade students in response to a playground name-calling incident. After reporting the incident, the students formed a partnership with faculty in which they found their own leadership role in lessening the possibility of further name-calling or bullying incidents. The student leaders spent several recesses forming an anti-bullying club and awareness campaign to include all students. Their anti-bullying campaign consisted of creating a hall banner, composing a club song, and designing club membership cards for all student participants. Meeting with a local vendor to settle on the club t-shirt design was a leadership highlight for these students. Ultimately, more than 80 second-grade students participated in the anti-bullying club song assembly performance while wearing their club t-shirts. The club is now open to all K-4 students who pledge to further peace and kindness. This is all because of the leadership of five second-graders.

Main Contact
Ms. Julia Unnerstall