Antonia Middle School
Barnhart, Missouri

The Year of the JagBull
In the Fox district, there was a need to build a new middle school that would alleviate overcrowding in one of its three middle schools. Seckman Middle School, which feeds into Seckman High School, has been over capacity the past few years. Antonia Middle School was built and opened to 6-8th graders in fall of 2010. Essentially, the current school was split by a third of its population, including students and staff. All new programs and traditions would have to start from scratch. When it came to sports, tension was building between athletes who were now competing against their past teammates. In the Cross Country program, it was clear that these athletes needed to realize that they were still one team since they would all be teammates in high school. Therefore, The JagBull was created. A mock race was set up and the teams were combined to compete as unified groups. On race night, they decorated themselves with new team pride and all the parents were invited to cheer them on. After the race everyone came in for awards and a meal to celebrate their future journey together. The experience will lead to making many positive changes for years to come.

Main Contact
Ms. Becky Jarvis