Batesburg-Leesville Elementary School
Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina

Peace Agreement
The “Peace Agreement” is used when two or more people in the school community are not getting along with each other. When an adult in the school community notices discord, it is his responsibility to act as a mediator to help these students form a respectful relationship. The “Peace Agreement” is a useful tool for creating harmony. The way that it works is that the caring adult asks the students who are at odds with each other to describe what each person is doing that causes them not to get along. For example, a student might say, “He always rolls his eyes at me.” The mediator lists all of the offensive behaviors on the “Peace Agreement.” Then, each person agrees not to do the offensive behaviors listed and to work to get along. Each student signs the “Peace Agreement.” The mediator gives each party a copy of the agreement as a reminder of what has been agreed upon. Finally, the people who were not getting along shake hands with each other. The mediator keeps a copy of the “Peace Agreement” on file in case such a problem arises again between the students.

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