Berkshire Middle School
Beverly Hills, Michigan

Stand Up to Peer Mistreatment Week
In an effort to help our students develop “cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dispositions” that encourage them to choose to do the right thing, Berkshire’s student government (or S.P.A.R.C. – Students Pioneering Activities Reinforcing Character) and our Character Education Committee led the school in a week of activities that encourages students to think, feel, and act in a way that abides by The Berkshire Way. These activities provided opportunities for our teachers to directly teach students about The Berkshire Way and provide both the staff and students with tangible ways to incorporate The Berkshire Way into our daily activities. We chose to teach our students the correct behaviors so that our first year of participation in “International Stand Up to Bullying (or, as we called it, Peer Mistreatment)” Day on Friday, November 19th, would be a success.