Bowles Elementary School
Fenton, Missouri

M.A.P. Kick Off Assembly
The “M.A.P. Kick Off Assembly" excites students for our upcoming standardized state test. Every member of our school community is invited to join in celebrating student learning and motivating our third, fourth, and fifth graders to do their personal best on the state test. Each year a new theme is chosen to inspire students. This year’s theme, “Light It Up Like It’s Dynamite,” was displayed on posters around the school and on staff t-shirts. Our primary students support our third, fourth, and fifth graders by writing notes of encouragement. Character is developed through our “M.A.P. Kick Off Assembly” as our entire school unites as one team to show our support for the students testing and how successful our school can be. The assembly fosters excitement and a positive attitude toward testing.  

Main Contact
Ms. Andrea Darmon
Third Grade Teacher