Central School
East Hanover, New Jersey

SALAD: Student Actors' League of Arts and Drama
SALAD (Student Actors League of Arts and Drama) is a theatrical program designed for fourth and fifth graders. Since 2006, SALAD students have participated in, adapted, and modernized Shakespeare's plays or student-written productions. All are welcome. All talents are recognized and harnessed to create a truly special event that children will always carry with them. All SALAD plays present a moral and promote character education. During this process, students view characters correcting wrong choices and taking healthy steps to create a supportive community. In the collaboration of performers, stage crew, and audience members, we also create a supportive community. From an early age, students learn that we all have talents. Through the support of classroom staff and the Art and Physical Education instructors, students see a community where everyone supports the arts and honors each others’ gifts, no matter what they are. An athlete can also be an actor. The student who struggles in math may be the lead in the play. The student who loves art can create scenery and props. SALAD creates a community of acceptance and tolerance as well as a nurturing environment where all students can shine and thrive.

Main Contact
Ms. Emily Thompson-Schweer
Teacher of Enrichment