Character Building Institute
Singapore, Singapore

Preschoolers Receive and Give
In Singapore, a character education partnership formed by six Carpe Diem Childcares and Character Building Institute (CBI), held a “Receive and Give Workshop” before Christmas, 2010. We aimed to encourage the value of “care-giving and sharing,” through preschool children and parents supporting our community. Children received art materials to craft Christmas items. Once made, they were given to family and friends. All classroom activities supported service learning opportunities to “RECEIVE and GIVE” to others. With sponsorship in kind, from a professional photographer and Eazi Print Pte Ltd, 100 collages (A4 size) and 50 photos (4R size) were distributed to parents for keepsake, or simply given away to relatives and friends. All proceeds received through this fundraising event went toward helping less fortunate children through Children’s Cancer Foundation. CBI matched all proceeds, ‘dollar-for-dollar,’ in hopes to encourage the spirit of giving back to our community, through small businesses and volunteerism. Supporting the cause helped make the Christmas season all the more fulfilling to the kids and parents involved in the fundraising event. Our sincere gratitude extends to the parents and children, volunteers, and small businesses that helped “support our community” through the workshop and fundraising event.

Main Contact
Mr. Peter Limb
Character Education Coordinator