Chester M. Stephens Elementary School
Budd Lake, New Jersey

Kindness on the Road
Over the past three years, the second graders at Chester M. Stephens Elementary School have been bringing kindness out into the community, giving recognition to the importance of goodness. The energy that ignites our day comes from the camaraderie and collaboration of parents, students, and staff. Together they prepare for this very special journey, utilizing all of their skills, time and talents. Students, their families, and school staff write special poetry and letters, practice songs, collect and sort canned goods, and provide pet supplies. As the children load the buses, they are prepared for the many stops of the day. Stops over the years have included a nursing home, food pantry, animal shelter, seeing eye dog program, post-office (mailing letters to our troops), and a hospital. The community is always in need of kindness (we call Rainbow Connections) and the children learn first-hand how easy it is to offer service using their generous spirit. The essence of the day is an imprint that lasts a lifetime with one message…kindness does matter~ move that bus!