Kennerly Elementary School
St. Louis, Missouri

Service with Song
Kennerly Character Choir was created in 1999, under the direction of Mike Franzel and Sheryl Nickless. Character Choir serves the community with a varsity of events, such as winter/spring concerts, sporting events, banquets, etc. Students in grades 4 and 5 are encouraged to apply for Character Choir, but their training begins well before those years. Students create goals for their training and work hard to attain those goals. From day one in kindergarten, students begin working towards their vocal/pitch goals. All students train together as a team with their warm ups. The students and teachers expectations increase as they progress. Once students pass the official test in 3rd grade, they may apply for choir. Students must adhere to behavioral standards decided on during their music class meetings. This program gives students a way to reach out to the community, maintain a high moral standard, and create attainable goals for themselves.

Main Contact
Ms. Jennifer Schaefer
4th Grade Teacher