Lindbergh High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Community Partners' Service that Saves
Students discovered in classes that Guatemalan citizens were dying needlessly each day due to a lack of clean water. Additional research noted the high number of deaths annually because of fires caused by cooking on open flames. The students decided that they had to reach out and make a difference. They worked closely with the local Rotary Club and YMCA to make connections and bring this service venture to fruition. Research resulted in finding a Mayan community in Panajachelm, Guatemala that was desperate for help. Applications were accepted from adult Rotary and Student Interact Club Members. A service group of 20 was selected, including 7 adults and 13 high school students, to go to Guatemala to work in a Mayan community to provide clean water and safe cooking conditions. The group will fly to Guatemala and, on day one, meet with native service partner guides. From days 2 through 6, the group will work in individual Mayan homes. On the 7th day, students will tour and study the fair trade coffee industry from which they purchased their coffee for fundraising. On the final day, all will bid farewell to their new friends as they return and begin plans for the next international mission.

Main Contact
Ms. Amy Richards
Character Education Coordinator