Main Street Elementary
Troy, Missouri

Literacy Backpacks
During the 2009-2010 school year, Main Street Elementary launched our Literacy Backpack initiative. Responding to a call from our students and families regarding the unavailability to access quality reading materials outside of the school day, we partnered with our community and worked to raise funds to make these literacy resources available. Many of our families did not have any or quality reading materials available at home. With over 75 backpacks available at each grade level, each literacy backpack is comprised of 5-8 books that can be checked out by our families for two weeks at a time. The response has been truly amazing at times over 100 backpacks being checked out providing hours of enjoyable reading for our families. As Main Street serves at one of the English Language Learner (ELL) centers for our district, we have recently expanded the program to include bi-lingual reading materials working to provide literature in both languages spoken in our ELL homes and at school. For many of these families, they use these books to help become literate with the English language. These backpacks have truly been a passport to imagination and learning for many of our families!

Main Contact
Mr. Jay Stockham