Morganton Day School
Morganton, North Carolina

How We Share the Planet
Students implementing this project have broken into two groups. Each group has a smaller focus based on rights and responsibilites of providing clean water, food, and shelter for those in need. The students identified this need through community observations and interviews. As a result, the students have chosen to develop a sustainable plan for taking action. Although the project is not yet complete, the students have identified the need for a new well to deliver clean water to the underserved community. In addition, students are working with the local free clinic and have identified the need for men's clothing, male volunteers and non-perishable food items. In taking action, the students have spoken to community leaders and business owners in addition to creating posters to garner support for the program and bring in the needed supplies. The students have also set up a donation box within the school to collect non-perishable food items. Once the donation period is complete, the students will present the food to the local food bank. As a result, the students have gained knowledge about their community, a respect for those in need and a sense of urgency to address the issues.

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Ms. Brandi Behlke
Grant Development