North Boulevard Elementary School
Pompton Plains, New Jersey

School Ambassadors Serving the School and Community
The School Ambassador program provides a framework for fourth and fifth grade students to collaborate on service learning projects.  This program influences a positive school culture and provides effective risk prevention by promoting civic values.  What makes the program unique is that the members themselves select all of the projects.   Students engage in the entire process, from brainstorming through project completion.  Some projects that the students embark are peer tutoring of younger students, maintaining a character pillar school garden, supporting a blood drive, making pins for Autism awareness celebration, collecting clothes for the needy and donating time at various community centers.  Through staff facilitation, the School Ambassadors learn leadership skills, peer collaboration and self-confidence.  The program encourages upper elementary students to participate in middle school programs that encompass the middle school character education “Take Action” curriculum.”  The School Ambassadors program promotes self efficacy whereby strengthening social, emotional well being of its participants.

Main Contact
Ms. Lorraine LaTempa
School nurse