Oxon Hill High School
Oxon Hill, Maryland

1 Less Bully...1 More Friend
1 Less Bully...1 More Friend is designed to reduce the three types of bullying (verbal, emotional and cyber). Every Wednesday, the team of students wear their 1 Less Bully t-shirts and wrist bands. Some students even wear signs around their necks with anti-bullying messages. The students also go into classrooms during the student leadership class to talk with other students about their experiences with bullying. At the end of the presentation or discussion, each student is asked to sign an Anti-Bullying Pledge Card. The overall student population has embraced this initiative to the point where a Twitter account has been established (@OneLessBully)where inspirational stories, quotes, and resources are posted. Students are also able to email the team at onelessbully@gmail.com to share situations, concerns, or general thoughts about bullying. This student-led campaign has been tremendously positive because it has appealed to their peers on their level.

Main Contact
Ms. Paulette Brown
Student Leadership/Mediation Teacher