Pershing Elementary School
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Project S.A.V.E.
Pershing Elementary has created a quality classroom environment and wants to further establish a safe environment through “Project S.A.V.E.” (Students Against Violent Environments). Through Project S.A.V.E. we create an environment that fosters enthusiasm for learning and a sense of personal responsibility. It develops a healthy self esteem and encourages nonviolent problem solving. Students focus on celebrating each other’s achievements as well as being self-motivated learners and natural leaders. We encourage students to become caring individuals and stop bullies from becoming a part of our environment; instead students focus on positive character traits and successes. We have developed “Project S.A.V.E.” not only to prevent bullying in our school but also to help students deal with bullying online: cyberbullying. Students learn to identify bullies, cyberbullies and targets. Teachers learn how to handle an attack once it has been reported and establish a course of action to deal with and prevent bullying. We also address individual responsibility by having students identify things ways they might be bullying others.

Main Contact
Ms. Rogena McClain
Library Media Specialist