Sag Harbor Elementary
Sag Harbor, New York

“Soup”er Bowl Celebration
The students at Sag Harbor Elementary School are not only busy learning academic subject matter, but also about their place in this world. Service learning projects that benefit our community occur at every grade level, but none of them garner as much enthusiasm from the students as the Sag Harbor Elementary “Soup”er Bowl. The “Soup”er Bowl event kicks off during an all-school assembly one week before the National Football League Super Bowl. A multi-media geography lesson highlights the cities the two NFL Super Bowl teams hail from, as well as the city that will host the Super Bowl. In addition, sportsmanship and respecting the opinions of others is addressed. Finally, the Sag Harbor Elementary “Soup”er Bowl is introduced. Students are challenged to bring one can of soup to school to benefit the local food pantry on the Friday before the NFL Super Bowl game. As students arrive for the morning assembly, they put their can of soup in the container that represents the Super Bowl team they favor. After all the cans have been placed in the containers, faculty “running backs” are handed the containers and exit the gymnasium for a soup can count.

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Ms. Michelle Grant