Salam School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bully Awareness: Creating a Safe Learning Environment
Salam School empowers students by teaching them about bullying and ensures a safe learning environment with a zero tolerance bullying policy. Salam School uses a comprehensive and intentional approach to prepare students for challenges and opportunities that define positive behavior. The "Bully Awareness" program is an effective, intentional practice across all grades (K -12). It teaches students to understand bullying, identify types of bullies, and how to spot bullying behavior. Students understand how excluding others is a form of bullying and how others feel when we exclude them. They realize and understand how friends can bully one another, why "friendship power" should be equal, and to realize that no one has the right to control someone in a relationship. They learn how to make and keep friends and maintain positive healthy relationships. Students understand how bullying affects others and hurts them. They learn to build empathy and realize that other people have feelings, wants, and needs that are just as valid and real as their own. "Bully Awareness" is a practice that helps them learn strategies to change bullying behavior and resolve conflicts appropriately. All stakeholders, including administration, staff, students and parents, share the goal of a bully- free school.

Main Contact
Ms. Zehra Tahir
Character Education Coordinator