Secaucus School District
Secaucus, New Jersey

S.A.I.L. Service Activities Involvement and Leadership
The mission of Secaucus School District is to provide all students with opportunities and guidance to acquire the academic, technological, and life skills essential for responsible citizenship and to realize that learning is a life-long process in which they are expected to take responsibility. The programs to accomplish these goals are provided in a safe environment that recognizes diversity and assures equitable treatment for all. Service-learning allows students to take the skills they learn in school and apply them to "real life" situations. Students are able to explore areas of interest for future careers through service-learning. Service-learning will allow students to actually participate in programs designed to increase their understanding of their civic responsibility as a U.S. citizen. Service-learning is a powerful teaching method that integrates community service with academic study to engage students, deepen learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.

Main Contact
Ms. Stacey Lee
Service Learning Coordinator