Shirley Hills Primary
Mound, Minnesota

Caring for Our Community
At Shirley Hills, we feel it is very important to teach our students to take care of one another and understand the different struggles that people face. Each month, we come together as a school or as grade levels to learn something new, give back to others, or celebrate our successes. During the month of January, our “Caring For Our Community” month, we focus on giving back by picking one cause to support. This cause directly affects one of our students. We use this month’s activities as a way to teach compassion, build community, and to bring community awareness to our school. The children learn that they can make a difference and have fun while doing it. Another benefit of supporting a cause that personally impacts one of our own students is that it gives the student a chance to accept the challenges that they are facing, with our support. After our kick–off this past year, another child approached me about being ready to share their story. This experience could be life-changing for a child that is working through a lot of emotions.