Thomas Stone High School
Waldorf, Maryland

Class Character Competition - “The Golden Stone”
Starting at the beginning of the school year, each grade level is made aware of the Class Character Competition. The class that turns in the highest percentage of all their forms wins the first “battle.” The winning class for every battle earns 10 points, 8 points for second place, 6 points for third place, and 4 points for fourth place. Each month, a service project is determined and students compete for class points. Some of the categories in which classes compete are highest GPA for the marking period, highest attendance percentage per month, least amount of office referrals, canned food drive, community service project, recycling drive, rain barrel competition, Fall Fest hallway decoration, coat drive, clothing drive, and blood drive. The Class Character Competition culminates with a Battle of the Classes, in which each class competes in a series of games in the gymnasium in front of their peers. Sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized. The winner of the Character Class Competition is the sole holder of “The Golden Stone” for one school year.

Main Contact
Mr. Michael Meiser
Vice Principal