Truman Elementary School
St. Louis, Missouri

"Oh, the Places We'll Go" Through Service-Learning
In response to devastation from earthquakes in Haiti, students met in class meetings to voice their concerns and find ways to help. Fifth graders voted unanimously to donate the proceeds from their seventh annual community garage sale to this cause. Sue Bradley of International Crisis Aid was contacted by one class and came to Truman to share pictures and stories of children at an orphanage in need of rebuilding. Students then partnered with buddy classes to adopt these orphans. This project, which began in January 2010, extended into the 2010-11 school year. Buddy classes collaborated to learn about the power of earthquakes, ways other countries helped the Haitian people, customs of Haiti, and the language and dress of the people. Buddy pairs in each class wrote letters, cards, and books for their adopted orphans. Bradley regularly collected items to be delivered by community volunteers who traveled back and forth to provide assistance to the Haitian orphans. Student-driven projects, which grew from curriculum, included lemonade stands at home, buddy classes making and selling products, student council members creating clay pots to sell at events, choir members planning a benefit concert, and school-wide dress-up days to collect funds.

Main Contact
Ms. Valerie Creech
Music Teacher