Berkshire Middle School
Beverly Hills, Michigan

Winter Celebration: Honoring Kids Kicking Cancer
On Jan. 28, 2012, Berkshire Middle School hosted a Winter Celebration in honor of Kids Kicking Cancer. The intent of the day was to provide about 60 children, ages 5-15, with a fun-filled day of activities, food and entertainment, all free of charge. The idea initially stemmed from a desire to celebrate a friend on her special birthday, and blossomed into a give-back opportunity that would link students, staff and community in a joint effort to benefit others less fortunate. Our staff member engaged the help of the SPARC group, Berkshire's student service club. A presentation was arranged whereby a member of the Kids Kicking Cancer Organization came to school to talk with SPARC members explaining about the organization. Following, the students and several staff members dialogued as to what this day would look like and what needed to be done in order for this to happen. The staff member also coordinated with about 20 women from the community who wanted to be involved in this project. The students collaborated with staff to make this event a success, and at the end of the day, over 90 participants left with smiles on their faces.

Main Contact
Mrs. Susan Epstein
Intervention Specialist