Carmel Elementary School
Woodstock, Georgia

5th Graders Create Books for Peru Orphans
Fifth grade students at Carmel ES integrated the writing process with their service project in order to create 39 bilingual books for children in a Peru orphanage.The students first created rough drafts of their stories in English, translated them into Spanish using a translation website, then made corrections before writing them onto the book binding paper. Spanish-speaking students double-checked the stories for understanding and made sure the translations were correct.The students also illustrated the books by using colored pencils, bound the books with hard-back covers and adhered laminate title pages to the front covers.The children in the Peru orphanage were 5-17 years of age so the student authors wrote their stories in a variety of literary genres such fiction, fantasy, fairytales, and non-fiction. Some titles of the 39 books included: Llama, Llama puts on Pajamas (La Llama sepone pajamas), The Very Patient Pup (El Perro Muy Paciente), Three Little Clouds (Las Tres Pequenos Nubes), Amazing Owls (Asombrosos Buhos), and About Birds (Sobre Las Aves). Students hoped to make a difference in the lives of the Peru children by promoting reading and learning a new language (English).

Main Contact
Dr. Pamela Green
Assistant Principal