Cranford High School
Cranford, New Jersey

"Blankets of Love"
The program idea came from a former student who volunteered her mother to come in and teach the fashion class to make "No Sew Fleece Blankets." Students who were interested in learning about the project each brought in two yards of fleece. The parent taught the class and the idea motivated the Cranford High School Quilting Club to sponsor a school-wide event to make "Blankets of Love". The trained students taught members of the Quilting Club who also donated two yards of fleece. The Quilting club members, who were also in sewing courses, taught other fellow class members who also each donated two yards of fabric. With a trained staff of 30 students on the day before Thanksgiving, we invited the entire school to help make blankets. All that was needed was two yards of fleece from each student. Teachers agreed to allow a student with a fleece donation to attend the workshop held in the cafeteria. Trained students were also available to go to a teacher's class and train an entire class provided the class brought in fabric. The project was an excellent opportunity for a community member to share knowledge with high school students, who then trained their peers to make blankets for children fighting cancer.

Main Contact
Ms. Barbara Narus