Forder Elementary
St. Louis, Missouri

Project Stray Rescue at Forder Elementary
There are many pets that have been abused and neglected throughout the St. Louis area. They are dumped on highways or in abandoned parks, or left in empty houses or dark alleys. They are underfed, injured, abused, or mistreated. They are the dogs of Stray Rescue. Since 1998 Randy Grim (founder) has saved over 5,000 dogs from death, dying, abuse, and neglect. Project Stray Rescue allows students and staff members to help raise money, supplies, and awareness of Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Stray Rescue is a nonprofit organization that gives shelter and foster homes to all types of dogs. Stray Rescue's sole purpose is to rescue stray animals that are in need of medical attention, restore them back to a healthy lifestyle, and then place them into loving, adoptive homes. Students and staff at Forder Elementary provide fundraising opportunities to raise money for Stray Rescue. They also bring in necessary items such as blankets, dog food, collars, peanut butter, and leashes. They raise awareness by listening to Stray Rescue volunteers and staff members and then taking what they learned back to their family and friends and sharing it.

Main Contact
Mr. Scott Clark