Geggie Elementary
Eureka, Missouri

"I Stand For You" Community Blood Drive
The "I Stand for You" blood drive was started in 2009 by the Geggie Elementary Character Kids. The student-led group wished to raise awareness for the American Red Cross, and the needs of blood donations for the community. It all started with a small idea and was later made into something much bigger. Together, the students worked to organize, educate, and inform their school and community about the need for blood donations. Before long, the entire school was on a mission to help find donors for the American Red Cross. During the first year alone, we collected over 50 pints of blood! The American Red Cross was so pleased with the results of the drive they asked that we do it again the following year, but with more beds and workers! The following year, we set an even higher goal and once again, the Geggie Community found plenty of donors to fill the large number of beds, raising 75 pints. This year our goal is 100 pints. This community wide effort defines our school's beliefs in service learning and its continued growth inspires us each year!

Main Contact
Mrs. Megan Short
2nd Grade Teacher