Green Pines Elementary
Wildwood, Missouri

Gators Earn, Learn, and Give Back
For over 17 years, the third grade gators at Green Pines Elementary have been making a difference for some special people at the Family Haven Homeless Shelter in St. Louis County. Through a Read-a-Thon in the fall and the Great Gator Garage Sale in the winter, the students raise money for the shelter. We don't just cut a check and send it off, though! Our students are actively involved in what happens to the money. In late spring, the entire grade level floods a local retail store with some brave teachers, parent chaperones, and a wish list from the shelter. Stretching every dollar to its limit, the students purchase much-needed supplies. Loaded down with bags of diapers, linens, cleaning supplies, and toiletries, the students then travel to the shelter to drop off the goods. At the shelter, the third graders get a tour of everything from the cafeteria to the study lounge to the sleeping quarters. Seeing it with their own eyes really helps the students understand why their donations are so important and they take ownership of their service learning.

Main Contact
Mr. Paul Godwin