Harlan Elementary School
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Service-Learning Projects on Environmental Issues
This school year, Harlan's fourth grade students participated in project-based learning activities focused on environmental issues. The goal was to create awareness, take action, and have a positive impact on our community. It was also a goal to integrate service learning into our curriculum activities. Students in three classrooms researched and investigated environmental issues on which they could take local action. They initiated, developed and implemented all parts of the projects. Their work was interactive and collaborative. Each teacher worked to ensure alignment of state content standards and to incorporate technology into the projects. Projects were also aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy of Higher Level Thinking to help challenge students. The student-centered environment these projects created made learning meaningful for all of the students involved. The projects selected were: Wetland Warriors -- saving the wetlands, Team Kilowatt Power Down -- conservation of electricity, and Bee-Coming Aware of CCD -- Colony Collapse Disease and disappearance of bees.

Main Contact
Mr. Vickie Muir
Community School Organizer